Hymn for LIFE

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The mother’s womb is like a sacred shrine and where a child feels a myriad of sensations transmitted through the navel.

It becomes the centre of a lot of interactions between a mother and child in the pre-born stage and a song, sound, hum adds to what can only be described as a method of communication higher than humans. The sounds that our mothers introduce us to forever remain with us as a point in time where we want to return to experience warmth and glee.

The pregnancy bell or “hymn for life” as we like to call it, explores this very feeling for the child enshrined within the womb to experience the soft chimes created with every move of the mother. It is akin to a lullaby that a mother so lovingly hums while she rests her hand on her extended belly and smiles.

Post the birth of her child, the mother can continue to wear this bell by shortening the thread, and while nursing, the child will experience the familiar sounds to the ones they knew while in the mother's womb.

Material: 92.5 silver 
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