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Get Inked - With jewellery!

When it comes to innovating on a new form of jewelry that can be worn differently, I often go back to tattoos. Tattoos are one form of art that can be adorned absolutely anywhere on our body.Our range of earclips are inspired by inner ear tattoos. These earclips can be simply clipped on the ear for a firm yet comfortable grip! Check out our entire collection of earclips here - Divya (Cofounder Quirksmith & Head of Design)

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Express yourself with poetry!

You will see hints of poetic inspiration in several of our designs. I 'd like to call myself a designer by the day an amateur poet by the night :)!My younger years were filled with poetry I heard from my dad - Baba Bulleh Shah, Kabir, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Gulzar Sahab, to name a few. The designs below are inspired from words and thoughts that have stayed with me over the last several years.      Aham Brahamasmi - Which means "I am the universe and I am responsible for what I become". These words have given me immense strength and continue to do so. As a teenager, I would often run upto my dad with my teenage miseries, and he would remind me of...

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Welcome to Quirksmith

Hi! We are thrilled that you stumbled upon our work, and we hope you love our art as much as we love creating it! Quirksmith was started in 2016 out of our passion to create designs that were conversation starters and not just decorative pieces.  Our work is a reflection of the values we grew up with and a future that we want to build! It has the nostalgia and simplicity of our past, and the passion and fire we have in us for tomorrow! Divya and I are poles apart as people, but connected in our common values. She is a creative madhouse, and I am the boring engineer in the house (there is always one :) ). But together we spin dreams, stay restless and...

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