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How to tie a nazarbattu for a comfortable fit?

We often get asked on how to tie a nazarbattu. Well, it is very simple, and we thought we'd share a video on this. The most important thing to keep in mind for a comfortable fit is this: Leave some space (equivalent to breadth of two fingers) while tying your nazarbattu. Watch the video below for more details!    

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How to prevent earlobe sagging/drooping while wearing earrings?

Sagging or drooping of earlobe is common, especially if your earlobe piercing is several years old and as a result has widened, or if you are wearing heavy earrings. Here is a quick and easy hack you can try at home. The only things you need is some surgical tape and a pair of scissors. Watch this video for details.  

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How to adjust the size of finger rings?

Most Quirksmith finger rings are adjustable by design. This means that the end of the ring is kept open, so that it can be adjusted based on the size of your fingers. The video below explains how to carefully adjust the size of your ring. Here are also step by step instructions to do the same: Step 1: Try wearing the ring as is. If it feels small, hold the ring from the center of the ring shank (or band), and slightly pull the open ends apart    Step 2: Try wearing the opened ring again. Repeat step 1 if the size still appears small.    

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