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Nazarbattu (the good old black thread) gets a makeover! Take a walk down that memory lane.

Nazarbattus or Nazariya - A new life to the the simple black thread anklet!

Nazarbattu is a black thread anklet that kids and adults alike can be seen wearing. These black thread anklets are known by several names like nazariya, evil eye anklet and nazarbattu as we call them. Traditionally, nazarbattus are worn to ward off the evil eye. However, people also wear them now for the sheer charm of a simple black thread.
We have brought the simple thread back to life with quirky motifs in the form of silver nazarbattus. And these black thread silver anklets are our favorite too!

Udaan Nazarbattu:

One of our bestsellers, the udaan nazarbattu has a little birdie ornate with 2 ghungroos. If you like a tinkling sound on your feet or the feet of your little one, then this one is for you.

Footsteps Nazarbattu:

Looking for a safe and thoughtful gift for a child? Footsteps nazarbattu is your answer. The smooth curves in this design, make it safe for young kids to wear all day

Paws Nazarbattu:

An intricate handcrafted piece, this nazarbattu is a perfect gift for animal lovers!

Owl nazarbattu:

Know someone who is a night owl? Gift this nazarbattu to keep them company!