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Your Most Asked Questions About Silver Jewelry Answered!

It is no secret that we have been obsessed with Silver Jewelry - and this obsession is what fuels us to create more and more designs at Quirksmith. We genuinely wanted our love for Silver Jewelry to reach more people and so - resolved with helping people with their Silver Jewelry Shopping and Care - we asked you all to share your questions about shopping Silver Jewelry online. We wouldn't have been more glad to be inundated with plentiful and purposeful questions - and thoroughly enjoyed putting together this Q&A guide for all of you:

 Are Sterling Silver & 92.5 Silver the same?

Yes. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Since it is characterized by 92.5% of Silver - it is also called 92.5 Silver.


Alloys such as Sterling silver are used to make Silver jewelry because pure silver is extremely soft to work with. Other metals comprising the 7.5% of Sterling Silver help in crafting silver jewelry in exquisite designs that we envision. 

Does silver jewelry have any hallmark similar to that of Gold Jewelry?

Yes, we stamp most of our jewelry pieces with 925 after testing the lot. 
Some pieces may not be stamped due to the design or size constraints
However all our Silver pieces are handcrafted in 925 Silver.

Is Sterling Silver good to wear daily?/ Can you wear it everyday?

Yes, Sterling Silver can be worn daily. 
However, daily use also depends on one's own personal preferences and comfort. 
Heavier and more elaborate pieces may be a bit uncomfortable to wear in the longer run - but simpler - lighter pieces can definitely be worn by most people daily.
Some people may be allergic to a small percentage of other metals in Sterling Silver - so it's best to test it out with simpler pieces like earrings if one is allergic to silver before moving the daily wear.

Is Sterling Silver allergic to people who're allergic to anything other than Gold?

Silver is hypoallergenic metal - which means it is not likely to cause an allergic reaction when used. 
However - one might be allergic to any of the other 7.5 % of the metals in Sterling Silver.
It's best to test out whether you are allergic to Sterling Sliver by trying the simple products for piercings such as Nose Pins and Earrings.

What should be the weight of a daily Silver Chain?

An ideal weight range for a Daily Silver Chain should be between 2 grams to 12 grams. 
Although it is highly dependent on one's own preferences on comfortability, Length, and the design of the Chain 

Why should Silver jewelry not get in contact with water or perfumes? 

As Silver is highly prone to oxidation when in contact with Water - Contact with Water and perfume is going to expedite that process and make it look duller sooner - if it regularly comes in contact with water.

How to store silver pieces so it doesn't turn black?

Store your Silver pieces away from moisture - hence store them in Plastic or Metal Containers. 
Keep them away from Cardboard and Paper as they tend to attract moisture and hence will quicken the Oxidation process.
Pro-tip: Add a piece of Chalk / Silica Gel Packets / Few Grains of Rice with your Silver jewelry - they will help absorb extra moisture from the air and keep your Silver Jewelry staying brighter for a long time.

Sometimes wearing Silver leaves black marks on my skin, how do I deal with that?

Silver Reacts with moisture in the air and forms a layer of oxide that then deposits on your skin. It's harmless and can be easily washed off. 

How to take good care of Silver Jewelry?

    1. Store - Store away from Moisture to keep it shining brighter for longer
    2. Clean - If it becomes dull, clean with Silver Cleaning Powder - that we send you along with the Jewelry - it is readily available in the market as well 

    How to clean the Jewelry if it becomes dull?

      1. Wet a piece of cotton cloth. 
      2. Take a little bit of cleaning powder on the damp cloth.
      3. Clean the affected area of jewelry.
      4. Rinse thoroughly - Make sure no powder is left behind on the jewelry.
      5. Dry and store it in a dry Plastic/ Metal Box.

      Pro Hack: Use White toothpaste instead of Silver Cleaning Powder 

      How to clean intricate jewelry?

      To Clean Intricate Pieces :
      1. Dip your Jewelry in a Solution of Water and Vinegar (2-3 drops of Vinegar in one Cup of Water)
      2. Let's rest in the Solution for 2 mins. 
      3. Remove and Rinse thoroughly
      4. Dry and Store in a dry place
      Alternatively, you can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the affected part with Silver Cleaning Powder or White toothpaste. 

      If ever some event causes the joined/welded pieces of a jewelry piece to break away or separate, is there a possibility of getting them fused together?

      If a piece breaks from the solder point - then we can repair it using more solder to fuse the pieces together - but if it breaks from a non- soldered point - this can't be fused together without compromising on the aesthetics of the piece. 



      It was a delightful to answer these questions - Do you want us to elaborate more on some points? or do you have a question that wasn't answered above - Let us know in the comments - we'd love to respond to them. 

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      I am a big fan of silver jewellery,but I have struggled getting it as per my choice.Most jewellery shops have the mudane ones.Quirksmith i found exactly what suits my quirky taste.The packaging is beautiful and the designs are unique..U have got a permanent client in me from now on.Ty team quirksmith.

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