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The Ultimate Guide to Nose-Pins

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Mookuthi, Naak-chaabi, Naak ki keel, Nath, Laung - call it whatever you want to call it but this is one that always adds grace to your face. Nose - pins are perhaps the most underrated accessory of all - they are small, simple, and most versatile pieces of jewelry and can be an excellent form of self-expression. We get it - it is an overwhelming experience to shop nose pins online and you probably might be thinking:

  1. Hundreds of designs to choose from sound exciting but also intimidating!
  2. Looks good on the model - but will it look good on me?
  3. What style should I go for?

If the above questions have been plaguing you and keeping you from getting these beautiful pieces - we are here to help you. This simple questionnaire will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect nose-pin for you!

Let's start with getting to know you:

What makes you Stand - Out?

Let's start with the most prominent feature of your face - what is it that people notice the most about you and what gets you the most compliments:

    1. Lips - If Lips are your most prominent feature - you would slay with Septum Rings, Nose Rings, Medium to Large sized Nose-pins and Naths 
    2. Eyes - Compliment your gorgeous eyes with Large Nose Pins, Nose-rings and Naths 
    3. Nose - Adorn your beautiful nose with Small-medium sized nose-pins, Small Nose-rings and Septum Rings 

Quirksmith Nose-pin Guide

What's your Nose-Shape?

The nose’s come in all shapes and sizes and command the right accessory - how would you describe your nose shape:

    1. Straight - If you give Meryl Streep and Katrina Kaif a tough competition with your perfectly angled nose bridge - You have a straight nose - and you can explore - Nose Pins, Nose rings and Naths 
    2. Triangle - This is the type of nose that sits perfectly in triangle form - wide at base and narrow at the bridge. Triangle noses can pull off a variety of styles from Nose-pins to Naths, Nose rings and Septum Rings - This shape is also perfect for Double piercings if that's your jam.
    3. Flared - As the name suggests - this shape is characterized by flared nostrils- and this is precisely why it is perfect for Septum Rings and Small to Medium Nose pins. 

What's your Style?

Picking Jewelry that resonated with your style is as important as the designs. Jewelry that is a natural extension of your personal style will make you beam with happiness when you adorn it - and that is what we want for you - to flaunt your personality with pride - 

    1. Understated - If your philosophy is - No fuss - comfort first and love simple fine details - you probably prefer understated designs.
    2. Bold - If your first instinct is ‘Go Big or Go Home’ and prefer larger than life experiences - we don't really need to tell you that Bold is your jam - and you don’t shy away from it. 

What’s the Occasion?

Although Nose-pins are very versatile pieces - you still need simple comfortable designs for your day-to-day wear and bring out those remarkable pieces on important occasions - What's your Occasion?

    1. Casual - Simple and Comfortable designs to wear day to day 
    2. Formal - Simple and Comfortable that go well with formal occasions
    3. Festive - Striking designs for all kinds of festivities

The right Nose-pin has potential to be your style staple -  and we would be very happy to help you get there - Fill up your preferences in the form below and we will mail you a custom range specially curated for you!


Happy Browsing! 

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