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Precious gifts for the bond you share

Corporate gifting has become a crucial part of every business or organization, whether big or small. With a growing and competitive landscape, organizations have realized the importance of human resources and providing good quality gifts to clients or employees. 

Each gift you give is a reflection of your brand values, personality, and how much you value your employees and clients. Gone are the days for gifts like common presents like Sweets, Chocolates, Mugs or Crockery. 

The time has come to delve into something special and unique like silver corporate gift to bestow on your clients. 

Why Silver?

Nothing says “you’re special to us” like silver and there are quite a few advantages of silver corporate gifts. 

  • They are inexpensive

  • Contrary to popular belief, Silver is not as expensive as you’d think and often gets overlooked when it comes to ‘affordable prices’. This is because gold is a much rarer material to mine. It’s the perfect budget friendly option as well as a token of appreciation when buying for multiple people at the same time.

  • They make great personalized gifts

  • Personalisation makes it all the better and says that you value your clients or employees.

    Silver being a highly malleable and versatile material, it is easily customisable. The softness of silver allows it to be molded into your desired shape. With personalization, you can easily add sentimental, appreciation and value to the beautiful piece.

  • Numerous options to choose from

  • From coins, trays, silver photo frames to bookmarks, ​​tabletop items and more, there is no shortage of items to choose from in silver. You can pick from a variety of options for the right gift for your clients or employees.

  • Long lasting

  • While silver is a timeless material to gift, it also stays with you for a long time and only turns more beautiful as it ages.  If maintained properly with minimal care, a silver item will never disappoint. It brings a sparkle for your employees or clients.

    Quirksmith’s Options to choose from 

    Maa Durga Coin Pendant

    This beautiful coin captures the Hindu goddess Durga, who is associated with protection, strength, motherhood, and destruction.

    Letter Forever - Silver Plated 

    A personalized silver-plated letter that can be engraved with words of appreciation and sentiment to your employees or client.

    Sookhe Phool Bookmark

    The perfect gift to honor an employee who you know is a bookworm. 

    Tere Aage Aasmaan Wall Decor

    These lines are a part of a beautiful poem by Allama Iqbal and a great way to gift someone the will to soar high and achieve new heights.

    'Tu shaheen hai, parvaaz hai kaam tera,

    Tere aage aasmaan aur bhi hain'

    They translate in English as:

    'You are an eagle,

    You have a vast sky before you. Soar!'

    We also customize gifts for your team. Write to us here, and our creative experts will get in touch with you to create the perfect custom silver corporate gifts for your organization! 

    Corporate gifts do have an everlasting impact on your success and most gifts go unnoticed and unappreciated which could leave you with unsatisfied employees or clients. Choosing something unique, valuable and with thoughtfulness put behind it can go a long way. 

    Silver is always a great idea for its timeliness, longevity and the aesthetic. We believe in the delight that silver brings in any occasion. 

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