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There is an air of calm around these earrings...but they can gather a storm when you want them to!

Types of Earrings

At Quirksmith, we create earrings in 92.5 silver as well as brass. You will find the use of antique coins and tribal / warrior inspirations like aztec, shield, trishul to name a few. There are various types of Earrings designs that can be found online on our website:

1) Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka is a traditional form of a earring found in India. The bell shaped motif at the end of the earring is the unique feature of a jhumka. At Quirksmith, we have created several jhumka earring designs with a modern / vintage twist.Our top picks for a traditional jhumka include the Rupi Ana Jhumka, Mandala Jhumka, Suraj Jhumka and the Rainbow Jhumka. A traditional jhumka is also referred to as 'Jimmiki' in a few southern parts of India.

2) Chandbali Earrings

Chandbali gets it's name from the moon ("Chand" in hindi). It's structure is inspired from the shape of a crescent moon. The Crescent Chandbali is one of our favorite picks from the Earrings collection

3) Stud Earrings

Ear Studs are usually small earrings with a stem. At Quirksmith, we have a wide range of silver studs. Designs like Turquoise Studs and Floral Cluster Studs are ideal to be worn daily. If you are looking for comfortable and quirky studs for a casual day out or for work, then the Surajmukhi Studs, Minimalist Studs and Vintage Coin Studs are an all time favorite.

4) Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings are usually longer studs that hang below the earlobe and can move slightly. Our best seller drop earrings include Floral Drop Earrings, Pendulum Earrings, Rain Forest Earrings, Scissor Earrings

5) Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are in the form of a circular band. At Quirksmith we have given a new life to the usual silver hoop earrings by mixing unusual motifs and twisted shapes, as in the case of Jogan Hoops, Concentric Hoops or Grunge Twisted Hoops. The Baali with Ghungroo is one of our smaller pearl hoop earrings.

6) Earcuffs

Earcuffs are earrings that cover the entire ear. Quirksmith is proud to be a pioneer in creating Earcuffs with the use of hindi script. Our Earcuffs are one of the most quirky piece of jewellery one can own. Our all time favorites are Aham Brahamasmi Earcuff, Dekho Magar Pyaar Se Earcuff and Mudra Earcuffs

7) Earclips:

Earclips is another category that is unique to Quirksmith. These are usually small studs that can be clipped onto the ear and do not require a piercing. A single piece of our Earclip is enough to create a statement and be a conversation starter. Our statement earclips include the Noor Earclip, Sargoshi Earclip, Tribal Earclip, Aztec Earclip. We also have a range of long earclips that have been inspired by the kashmiri thread earrings style called the Dejhoor. Some of these designs include the Chakra Long Earclip and the Sling Shot Long Earclip


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