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Customer Reviews

Based on 1813 reviews

Just awesome.. I am satisfied ❤️❤️

Dreamy indeed!

It was a gift and I probably don't won't have any other favorite piece of silver jewelry apart from this stunning anklet for all the right reasons :)

Absolutely fantastic!

Most gorgeous piece of silver jewelry, it's good quality silver and easy to wear :)

Loved it!

The handwritten personalised note along with the entire packaging, it was perfect! Loved the silver, its good quality and easy to wear.


Great quality, looks very pretty and fits beautifully


Loved it..


I am a fan of tulips and so I had to order this piece of art! It's really unique and beautiful ! I love wearing it❤️


I ordered Udaan nazarbattu as I was in love at 1st sight with it! I received it I loved it but when I started wearing it I realized that the edges are not at all blunt!! I ordered this after reading all the question answers here.They mentioned that the edges are not sharp and they don't hurt but hey! It's not true. I am wearing this nazarbattu and my skin is having bruises that will never go because the edges hurt many times a day .It is not comfortable while wearing at night too!! I love the design but you people should have put some efforts to make the product practical for daily wear as it is nazarbattu. Instead you have misguided by wrong information to one of the questions! Didnt expect this from the brand like you! I am surprised why no one else has complained about this yet! May be they all are so much in love with the cute design that they have ignored the pain its sharp edges cause!!!


I love them. Please don't make more good stuff or I will end up buying.. Lol,. Please make more.. You make me hungry for jewellery

Lovely Piece

It looks really beautiful and fulfills expectations


Love love love this!

An absolute delight to the eyes...
Have been waiting for it since very long. Very happy to wear it. One of my favorite pieces so far. Looking forward for more shopping from Quirksmith!!

Great purchase

This is a beautifully crafted ring! Got so many compliments on it!

Beautiful piece!

Thanks Quirksmith, I loved the plain heirloom ring and the ring with the blue flower. Very pretty!

Absolutely gorgeous ring

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful piece of art. It looks stunning and beautiful on my hands. I am very happy with the purchase.

Good quality

All who interested on hair pin they're purchase this without any doubt

Pretty :)

Loved it!

Lovely piece

I have always liked this heirloom design and had made a mental note to purchase one for myself. was delighted to see a close replica here and I am so happy to see it on my finger. Love it!

very beautiful piece to have in your collection

Very beautiful piece ..the cute floral design is the beauty ..

Cutest thing I ever had

It's so elegant. Love to wear it. 💌💟

Love it!

It looks stunning! It is also lightweight. Just the right accessory to spruce up my spectacles.

Cutest anklet i have come across and was in love with the jingle it makes while walking. But sadly the ghunghroo is broken. Also need to be be careful with the sharp edges. With just 20 days of wearing it, not too happy with how it turned out to be.

Cute jingle!!

I totally loved the udaan anklet. I love the soft jingle it makes while walking. The only problem was the knot would come off. I’ve tied it with a pull to adjust knot now. This way I’m able to adjust the knot accordingly.


excellent products....reallly i love the products


Unique and beautiful design, comes exactly as mentioned in pic